Sale! JUMANJI Original Concept Art
JUMANJI Original Concept Art
This original color drawing is a concept sketch of Van Pelt, the Hunter, in the motion picture Jumanji.  It was created by Joe Johnston.  Although this artwork was created in 1994, it has been kept in pristine condition and shows very minimal signs of age. This original artwork comes with a xerox copy that was made on or around the day when Johnston completed this piece.  Please be sure to notices that some photos are taken in low light and some under bright fluorescents.  The xerox copy has yellowed with age. Please see photos. The original art measures approximately 7.5" x 12."  *Width is slightly less than 7.5" The original has some jagged cuts at the top.  Johnston doesn't know why they are there or how they got there. The xerox copy measures 8.5" x 12" This comes directly from Joe Johnston’s film memorabilia collection and includes a signed COA.
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Sale! Star Wars Concept Art – Imperial City (Signed Print)
Star Wars Concept Art – Imperial City (Signed Print)
Joe has a few of these from Abrams for working on the book Star Wars Concept. Each print is signed. Personalization is available at no additional cost.  The color is most like the signed photo. However, the image is identical in all photos.  It's simply under two different light sources. This is a high-quality color print of an illustration that Johnston did for Star Wars: Ep. VI – Return of the Jedi. Depicted is an Imperial shuttlecraft in the sky above Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Empire. The original illustration was done in gouache, Prismacolor pencil and felt-tip pen. It is printed on heavy card stock, signed in silver on the print or black under it, and includes a COA. *Personalization available. Email instructions to: Measurements: 6" H x12" W It comes with a signed COA. *Some images may have watermarks that say Joe Johnston Sketchbook. The watermarks are only in the photos. They are not on the actual item.
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