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Original & Screen-Used Jumanji Board *SOLD*


Description by Joe Johnston, Director of Jumanji:

This is an original, authentic, screen-used game board box from the motion picture JUMANJI.  This is a cast foam “carry board”.  Reminder: This is made of foam. It is NOT one of the original boards made of wood, and it is almost 20 years old.  There ARE signs of AGE & WEAR.

This board was used in scenes where the actors (usually Robin Williams) had to walk outdoors or move around in the set with the closed Jumanji game.  The hero boards that were used for close shots were made of wood and were quite heavy.

To reduce the risk of a hero board being dropped and damaged, a mold was made from one of the hero boards and reduced-weight “carry boards” were produced. There were also molded rubber “stunt boards” that were only used when an actor had to run or fall with a closed game board, or interact with it in some potentially dangerous way. The “stunt boards” were not photographable in close or medium shots unless they were moving through the frame. The foam “carry boards” like this one were often used when an actor had to enter with the board, put it down and open it up. The hero board would then be put in its place and the action continued.

As far as I know, there were at least two hero boards constructed (wood boards used in close-ups), one with a false back to allow the magnetized movement of the game pieces.  There were components produced that could be assembled into an additional hero board if it was needed. There were at least three “carry boards” produced, of which this is one. To the best of my recollection, one of the carry boards was destroyed in the scene where the house splits in two. This one may have been dropped (see seller notes below).  There were four or more rubber “stunt boards”.  The dice in the photographs came with this board but they are not dice that were used in close shots of the playing surface of the board.


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Notes from seller:

This board had one of its hinges fixed by Joe Johnston. It was most likely dropped or thrown while filming JUMANJI. It has been kept in pristine condition with Studio Executive Michael Besman for all of these years and he would now like for it to be enjoyed by a Jumanji super fan!

This board was given to Joe Johnston Sketchbook to sell for Jumanji Studio Executive, Michael Besman. It comes with a COA signed by both Joe Johnston and Michael Besman.

Note that the dice included with the board are not screen-used.  They were the ones that came with the board when it was given to Joe.  

In regards to the dice, “they were never seen or meant to be seen but they were in the board on the production. That’s all we can tell you.” – Joe Johnston

Upon examination, you can tell these were not the dice used in close-ups in the film. According to both Michael Besman and Joe Johnston, these dice came with the board when it was given to Johnston during post-production.  These dice are 100% real and authentic to the production. However, their 6s are not jagged and distorted like those seen in the movie, so these are the not the dice used in close-up shots. These dice were with the props. They were with the boards, dice and tokens. They were given to Joe with the board, meaning they were probably inside the board for sound. That seems like a reasonable assumption since this board was never intended for close-ups. If/when it was opened up on screen the dice were more than likely switched to the ones used in close-ups.  This is just a reasonable assumption by seller(s), but these dice are without a doubt from the production. They were more than likely in the game so it would rattle. Michael Besman has had them inside the game since Joe handed it all over to him.  Joe Johnston gave this board to Michael Besman because Johnston felt that Besmanvery much deserved such a unique and rare item. Years later, with the internet now available, Michael Besman would like these items to go to a Jumanji fan who will enjoy them for many years to come.

This board weighs approximately 6.78 lbs.

When closed it measures approximately 12.25″ x 16.25″ x 3.5″

When open it measures approximately 25.875″ wide x 16.25″ x 3.5″

Materials: Board is made of hard, durable, heavy-duty cast foam


1) Original screen-used board,

2) Original dice (not screen-used), and

3) COA (certificate of authenticity) signed by Joe Johnston and Michael Besman


The board was screen-used. The dice were not seen on screen to Johnston’s knowledge, but they may have been heard rattling around inside the box.

One side of the board closes higher than the other when closed. Please see photos.

Joe Johnston was the VFX Art Director on Stars Wars Episodes IVV and VI.  He designed most of the spaceships and vehicles, some of the characters, and storyboarded most of the sequences that involve VFX.  He went on to direct many films such as Captain America: The First Avenger,  Jumanji,  Hidalgo,  The WolfmanThe Rocketeer,  October Sky,  Jurassic Park III, and  Honey I Shrunk the Kids

A few of Johnston’s creations for Star Wars include: Boba Fett, Yoda, the Ewoks, X-Wings, Y-Wings, TIE fighters, the Millenium Falcon, the Sandcrawler, the Death Star, the Landspeeder, the Snow Walker (AT-AT), Cloud City, the Rocket Bikes and many more! 

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